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Kelsey Loves Big School!

v  Kelsey begins her school journey | Image Supplied

It’s that time of year, where thousands of girls and boys across the state wave goodbye to their parents as they start ‘big school’ for the first time. One of those children starting school for the first time was local girl Kelsey Brown.

Four and a half year old Kelsey is the youngest of five siblings and just couldn’t wait for her big day walking through the gates at Surveyors Creek Public School. When asked what she liked the most about starting big school, Kelsey said “having play time with my friends outside”.

This year, Kelsey joined her two big brothers Bailey and Callum at the local school. Having also completed preschool in Glenmore Park, she was lucky to have her two best friends from the same preschool Sarah and Gemma also start at the school.

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