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He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands...

PHOTO: Photograph | Jan Plume

4-Year Old Glenmore Park resident John Plume is definitely not your typical kindergartner. John is fluent in two languages, holds three passports and has appeared on national television and in many photoshoots for Fantastic Furniture.

Australian born John Plume has been raised bilingual his whole life. With his mother only speaking to him in Thai and his father only in English, John has learnt to translate and relay messages quickly and perfectly. John regularly speaks to family in Thailand over the phone and they are shocked at his ability to speak so well. According to his dad Jan, family in Thailand have said that “John speaks Thai more like an adult than a child.”

John attended school in Thailand for several months when he was only three years old. Already then, his teacher was very impressed with his quality of speech. Along with his speech, John is able to recite the entire Thai alphabet which is over 40 letters long. This is very uncommon for someone his age.

John holds three passports, Thai, British and Australian. John’s father was born and raised in England to Latvian parents and was also raised bilingual.

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